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Our mission is to advance your ultra-precision works efficiency.

我們致力於提供 超精密機械 以及 元件, 助您提升生產品質及效率。


FMC茂禧實業(股)公司主要產品有 – 

Magnescale®, LaserScale®, Hydrostatic Grinder, Mist Collector, CNC Circular Saw Machine.

磁性尺, 雷射尺, 光學尺, 液靜壓磨床, 精密研磨專用機, 超硬圓鋸機, 油霧收集器, 油霧回收機, 產業環境改善設備

for "next-level ultra-precision" demands

FMC established in 2011.

The business and service territory cover Japan, Vietnam, China, USA and Taiwan.

The company specialized in CNC Machinery and grinding processes industry, have been committed to providing the ultra-precision products with “Innovative” and “Durable“.


Minimize the waste” is our faith of vision since the beginning.


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